Thursday, April 11, 2013


Conor had never been to New York City and often complained how I had been twice since we've met. He encouraged both excursions; so don't feel too bad for him. Not to mention the fact he dislikes crowds and people. haha!

The end of February we were headed to Israel with flights leaving from JFK airport. We took the red eye the night before and arrived at 5ish in the morning, having all day to play! Of course I let Chelsea know (she lives and works in Huntington) and she took the day off so we could hang out!!! I was SO excited to see Chelsea and hate that we live so far away. She and John woke up before the crack of dawn to take the train into the city and meet Conor and I. True friendship! We met up at Penn Station and Chels had a fun place for us to eat breakfast--which she treated us to. Those biscuits were heavenly, as well as the fruit butters!!! Of course I added some thick, applewood smoked bacon to my omelet. : ) We had tickets to the Philharmonic Symphony rehearsal and walked there. It was amazing! They were stellar on their instruments and fun to watch! We ditched out early since it went way over what we thought. Too many things to do in one day!

From there we walked out and the NY LDS Temple was right there--crazy how it blends in with the city! Got a pic, and then we were off to chase food trucks via Twitter. This was all Conor's idea and it was fun seeing the city and exploring as we went! First up were the liege waffles. I love the sweet goodness of a liege waffle! It was FREEZING, so we bought hot chocolate, too. Chelsea was so sweet and brought me a coat, hat and scarf to wear for the day since we had packed light for our trip. Then we wandered through Central Park--I just love that place! So bare with the trees not filled in, but still pretty. Eventually we caught up with Korilla BBQ. It was well worth the wait and SO tasty!!! Good thing we were walking all over and burning off some of these calories! Plus, it helped us all wake up! : ) We wandered to Times Square since it's another classic NY place to see. It was so much fun and I loved spending time with Chelsea and John again! I wish it didn't have to end so soon!

NYC LDS Temple

Philharmonic Symphony

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